Olive Meaders Leaves Her Mark

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A lifetime of service and caring for others was recognized Friday in Hickory, Miss. The community is renamed its town square, Olive Meaders Park.

"These things just grow on you. You just can't help but love this place and as long as I have breath in me, I will," said Meaders.

Miss Olive raised her children in Hickory and she devoted her life to the community. She says when she was young she didn't know there was any other place than Hickory.

In her 82 years, Meaders has touched many lives, even that of news great Peter Jennings. And here at home, she's won the admiration of those who call her a hero.

"She's one fine lady. You think of Hickory, you think of Ms. Olive Meaders," said Faye Henley, a friend and admirer.

For more than forty years, Miss Olive captured the town's goings on in her column, Hickory Happenings. She even painted the sign that graces the town square.

Miss Olive's friend, Curtis Fielder, came up with the idea to rename the square, approached the board of aldermen with the idea and saw it through.

"She's done so much for this town," said Fielder. "I guess they wouldn't even know this town even exists, even on the map, if it wasn't for her."

At the end of her remarks Meaders said "This was my playground. I loved it then and I love it now. This is Hickory, where my heart and soul is."