Once and Again for Hope

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A resale shop that will help support Hope Village for Children, a shelter in Meridian, opened for business Wednesday.

"The community has been so great to support Hope Village, and one of the ways they do that is donating goods and materials to us," said executive director Carrie Ponder. "And we've used a lot of that to get ourselves open. We've used furniture in the cottages, clothes for our children. But there are things we have that we have duplicates of or we don't have a need for them on campus. And we heard of another facility like ours that had opened a thrift store and made a good bit of money for their programs. So we've been dreaming of this ever since we opened that someday we would like to open a thrift store. It has come to fruition."

The shop's name, appropriate in one sense, is also the name of the hit show in which Hope Village founder Sela Ward starred.

Ponder said the response to the store has been phenomenal and shoppers may expect new items in the store soon.

Once and Again is located at 2119 Front Street, in the old Meridian Hotel.