Probe of Theft Ring Ongoing

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Lauderdale County authorities say arrests could be made soon in a theft ring of recreation items and heavy equipment.

To date, authorities have recovered nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of heavy equipment.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department says that the theft ring currently involves Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. However, they say it may stretch further.

The longer they study this case, the more it grows. Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says it appears to be touching more people than originally thought.

"It seems like every time we think we have a handle on this particular set of cases, it grows and we find more things that are stolen, more individuals that may be involved," said Calhoun. "Two of our investigators have gone down to south Mississippi today. We hope that they'll be back by closing today, looking at some additional equipment that may have been stolen from our area that's going to tie into our ongoing investigation."

The stolen items include four-wheelers, jet skis, and construction and forestry equipment. At least three of the crimes took place in Lauderdale County.

Calhoun says this case goes back a long time. Some of the recovered items were stolen more than five years ago.