Gas Prices Climb Again

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Gas prices are again spiking as summer arrives. What are drivers thinking as they pay at the pump?

Shanita Portis was luckier than most on Tuesday. When she filled up, it didn't come out of her own pocket.

"Right now I'm in my work vehicle, so it's like the military's paying for it, so it's not big deal," Portis said.

'No big deal' is not the general sentiment among most drivers as they scramble to find the lowest prices in town.

One gas station that still had the price at $2.79 for regular unleaded was full, while stations with higher prices across and down the street were practically empty.

Drivers coming through Meridian say traveling is very difficult when the prices get this high.

"Makes me just about not want to take the trip," said Greg Key of Atlanta. "It's not worth it because the gas will eat you alive."

Others have resigned themselves to the fact that they have to have gas, and they can't just stop driving.

"I guess you do what you have to do," said Jeremy Smith. "It's not something you want to do, but something you have to do."

And even Shanita Portis knows sooner or later she'll have to fill up her personal vehicle, and that won't be any fun at all.

"No, no, that's coming out of my pocket, so yeah," Portis said.

And drivers like Portis are preparing themselves for what will likely be higher prices to come as the summer heats up.