Suspect Charged in Nightclub Shooting

One man is behind bars for a nightclub shooting that left one woman in the hospital. Quanntionious Carlisle is charged with aggravated assault. Police believe he shot a woman outside the Sugar Shack - a Meridian nightclub on 8th Avenue.

"Officers arrived on scene. They found a female that had been shot," Det. Dareall Thompson. "The victim was transported to a local hospital. We have one person in custody, and the case is still an ongoing investigation."

Detective Thompson says this shooting, like many others, began as an argument that quickly grew more and more heated.

"A disagreement between the victim and the suspect," he says. "It started out as an argument and led to one person being shot."

There were witnesses around, and Det. Thompson says they were helpful in explaining what happened and leading investigators to their suspect. Once they knew who to look for, police tracked down Carlisle quickly.

"We have had some witnesses that have come forward to help us in this case," he says. "The incident occurred about 2 o'clock Monday morning. Around 5 o'clock we were able to take that suspect into custody on the same day."