Tuck: I Made Right Decision

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Lt. Gov Amy Tuck delivered her first openly political speech in this area, apparently the initial step in her campaign for reelection.

"I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be your Lt. Governor," Tuck told the partisan crowd, "and as we move forward into the campaign cycle. Someone said when does the campaign start? It never has stopped."

Tuck listed various pieces of legislation in which she implied she had played a key role such as education.

"I proposed what is known as the Topp plan which raised our teacher's pay to the Southeastern average but what we also did is we attached that to an accountability bill," the lt. governor said. "If you're going to pay our teachers, we also put that, but we want an accountability, too."

Tuck also listed tort reform as one of the legislative achievements under her leadership.

"When we had doctors that were leaving our state, right here in Lauderdale County, right here in Meridian, the medical community was hit hard," she said. "We needed to make sure that we had reform so that we could have medical malpractice insurance affordable, where we could have accessible health care to Mississippians across the state."

Tuck responded to statements made by some of her former Democratic supporters when she switched to the Republican Party last December.

"There were certain individuals that stepped forward out of the Democratic Party, when I announced, that they said good riddance," said Tuck. "They equated me to someone with a terminal illness and said that they were glad that I had passed and gone on. Well to them I say, and again I'll say after being with you here tonight, I'm proud to tell them I found the cure by switching to the Republican party."