The War and Children

Ranging in age from 10 until 18, the young people NewsCenter 11 talked to definitely have their own opinions about the war.

First we asked them why the U.S. is there. Among the responses:

"For their freedom because Saddam Hussein shouldn't be over there because he's not a good person."

"To let other countries know that we can stand up for what we believe in. We want those same rights for that country."

Although most support the war, at least one expressed some deep concerns.

"We've gone to Vietnam. We've tried to initiate democracy in several other countries. You cannot make democracy sprout up where there's not a fertile soil to do it."

Despite some reservations about the war, David says it's still important to support the troops.

"I've played soccer for several years. I might not agree with the decision that the coach makes, but once he makes that decision, I'm going to follow through on that with everything that I can," said David.

Meanwhile, with an ongoing conflict the students expressed some concerns about what this could mean here at home.

"I work in the courthouse and what would keep someone from coming up there and blowing us up," said Tyler Skelton. "And I guess that's what we have to do as Americans is stay strong and go on with everyday life."

"It doesn't matter what city you're in, where you are, something can happen wrong."

"I worry about big cities and those dirty bombs but still have faith in God that he will make a way," said Devon Pruitt.