Three Guards Injured in Prison Stabbing

Three prison guards were injured in a stabbing at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility Thursday morning. The incident happened about 8:45 a.m., and Metro Ambulance arrived soon after to bring those officers to the hospital.

"About 9:45 this morning, we received a call to respond to the state prison, that there had been some stabbings out there," Metro Ambulance Director Clayton Cobler says. "From my understanding, it was three guards that were stabbed."

An EMCF spokesperson says while an inmate was transferring his belongings to a long-term segregation unit, the offender used a makeshift weapon to stab one of the officers in the back. The other two officers stepped into to help using pepper spray.

The third guard with non-life threatening injuries was apparently maced during the commotion, but he was taken here to Rush Hospital and treated for his injuries.

"From what I understand it was kind of a melee, and they were bringing everybody, trying to get it broke up, and he just happened to get hit in the face," Cobler says.

As the two officers were assisting, another inmate got involved and stabbed another guard in the back and arm. The third officer was also injured in the scuffle receiving a small cut on his hand. EMCF says several other officers in the unit immediately provided back-up and secured the scene within a few minutes.

This is the third criminal incident to happen at the jail just in the past two months - after an inmate was raped and a guard was arrested for having sex with an inmate. The inmates who attacked these guards are now facing serious charges for their actions.

All the guards have since been released from the hospital.