MPD Charges Home Invasion Suspect

Meridian, Miss. One man is in custody for a home invasion that happened last month.

Derlim Lemon is being charged with burglary for an incident happened June 19 in the 900 block of Myrtle Drive. Meridian police say four suspects were involved in that invasion. Around 6 o'clock that night, the men broke into the home, where they expected to find a man who owed them money. Detective Dareall Thompson says they are not certain how much money the men took or whether they actually took any money at all. Someone was at the home during that time, but no one was injured during this break-in.

Det. Thompson says investigators were able to link lemon to this crime through some evidence they discovered at the scene. The MPD issued a warrant for his arrest and a patrol unit picked him up. As for the other men who were involved in this home invasion, Meridian police are not yet releasing whether they have any suspects in mind, only that the case is still under investigation.

This invasion came less than two months after a string of home invasions in the Queen City. When three different houses were broken into within 15 hours. Detective Thompson advises that you should always take caution to protect yourself from a similar incident.

"Some of the things you can do is always know who's at your door," Det. Thompson says. "If you've got a peek hole, use it. Just not at night, but in the daytime also."

Meridian police are asking anyone with any information on this case to please come forward.