Suspects Appear in Court

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David Crocker, 34, of 5549 County Road 150, Stonewall, Donnie Smith, 49, of 757 County Road 341, Stonewall, and Clifton Smith, 18, of 757 County Road 341, Stonewall, made their initial appearances Monday in justice court in Quitman.

Crocker and Donnie Smith face multiple counts of grand larceny, arson, and aggravated assault. Authorities originally filed attempted murder charges but later decided to pursue prosecution for aggravated assault instead.

"It's pretty serious business when you try to set somebody on fire and burn their house down and them in there in the bed asleep," said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp.

After a hearing Monday, bond was set for $260,000 for Crocker and Donnie Smith. Bond for Clifton Smith, who is charged with grand larceny, was set at $60,000.

All were charged in connection with an alleged theft ring.