Arrest Made in Choctaw County Dogfighting Operation

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Choctaw County, Ala. Choctaw County Sheriff Officials say it all started with the Fish and Wildlife handling a case of trespassing and fishing without a license, when they stumbled upon what was believed to have been a dogfighting pen on Harmony Road in Pennington, Alabama.

"At that time the fish and wildlife contacted me and told me that I needed to possibly come out and take a look at this," Choctaw Sheriff's Department Deputy Geoff Payton said. "Got out there and there was a dogfighting ring that was set up, there was a couple of dogs next to it that was severely malnourished."

Deputies not only found 4 malnourished dogs chained up by a log chain that weighs upwards to 30 lbs., but they also found 2 carcasses of what used to be dogs.

"Erika Putman with the Butler Police Department who is over the dog pound got us in contact with the ASPCA out of Gainesville, Florida, he immediately made the 9 1/2 road trip up here," Payton said.

It was at that time where deputies say everything began to fall into place. Officials tell me immediately following that a warrant was executed where they began to comb the property for evidence of dogfighting. The evidence led to the arrest of Quincy Capers who is being charged with numerous counts of animal cruelty, dog fighting, and other charges that are pending. As for the rescued dogs

"The dogs have been taken into custody with the ASPCA out of Montgomery," Payton said. "They are in Montgomery at this point being nursed back to health. The suspect did sign custody of the dogs over to the Choctaw County Sheriff's Department."

Sheriff Officials say if it wasn't for the help of the Butler Police Department, Rankin County Sheriff's Department, Fish and Wildlife, as well as the ASPCA, then this investigation wouldn't have gone as far as it has