High School Football Player Recounts Attack by Teammates

Preston Morrow, a freshman at Enterprise High School, will never play football again after a violent encounter with two of his teammates. The incident happened last Monday, the 18th, before football practice ever started.

"One kid came and hit me from the back and one came and ran over someone that was in front of me and was still coming and hit me in the face with his helmet," he explains. "And I didn't have my helmet on."

He says two of the team's starters were responsible, and the hit knocked him unconscious.

"The boys woke him up and asked him not to tell," Morrow's mother Candie Stewart says. "They said they wouldn't mess with him the rest of the year, and the coaches were still not down there."

Morrow suffered a broken neck, a broken nose and four jaw teeth were knocked out. He says bullying is something he's seen frequently, but he never expected to be injured so severely.

"I don't think they meant to break my neck, but they meant to hurt me," he says. "Well, it's ruined my whole high school football career, and I was planning to go to college for it. "

He says a doctor told him that he could play football again, but another major hit could leave him paralyzed for life - a chance his family isn't willing to take. Morrow's mother says there was never any apology from the boys, the coaches or the school. The family went before the school board on Monday.

"I just asked that there be some kind of punishment for the coaches since they allowed this to happen," Stewart says.

Morrow's mother says the superintendent told them only that disciplinary action was taken against the coaches, and the boys were suspended from two games, but she doesn't feel that justice has been served. Morrow says he just hopes seeing what happened to him will send a message to others.

"I want them to not want anybody else's kids to get hurt and for the bullying to stop," Morrow says.

Morrow will wear his neck brace for at least another six weeks. We've reached out to school officials for comment; they only say the incident is under investigation.