Youth Crime Prevention Rally Held At Bonita Lakes Mall

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Meridian, Miss. Violence and crime have been all to common in Meridian and over the past several months, rallies are growing in number to work to prevent crimes. The Young Democrats of Lauderdale County added to the number of rallies over the weekend as the organization sponsored a crime prevention rally in the courtyard of Bonita Lakes Mall. According to Young Democrats Spokeman Weston Lindemann, the rally is exploring options to curb crime in Meridian.

"Well crime has become an issue here in Meridian," Lindemann said. "Every night there is another story on the news about a robbery or a murder and it's gotten to the point where people don't even feel safe in their own homes. We just wanted to come out here and make a difference and bring the community together on this issue."

Although sponsored by the Young Democrats of Lauderdale County, the non partisan event featured speakers such as Mayor Percy Bland, Councilman Randy Hammond, as well as Councilman Dustin Markham. Mayor Bland says it's events like this that involve youth that inspire him.

"It's a big deal because at the end of the day a lot of what we're faced with today is a lot of juvenile crime within our city," Mayor Bland said. "A lot of the people that go to our middle schools and our high schools, of course they have some relationships with individuals who end up committing those crimes. Whenever the young folks can take an engaged part in helping to solve problems, that's very big."

Lindemann says he hopes that those who attended better understand how they can help to combat crime.

"Well I hope that people leave with a better sense of what they can do for the community to stop crime and protect themselves if they feel in danger."