Grocery Chain Lowers Prices

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Acknowledging that Meridian is a highly competitive grocery market, Ron Sinclair, vice president of marketing for Foodmax said a new campaign to lower prices is aimed at increasing its market share.

Company executives from Birmingham were in Meridian Wednesday to execute the changes.

Sinclair said research showed most customers do not like to go from store to store in order to save money.

"Going through sale papers and having to shop around at different locations, everyone's busy and to be able to come to one store, get a great low price every day on every item that's what customers wanted, that's what we've provided here," Sinclair said.

But he acknowledged the company's new price policy is in direct response to the local competition.

"Based on the size of Meridian there's a lot of competition here and that really pushes us," said Sinclair. "Competition is good because it pushes us to become a better business and that's what we feel we've been able to accomplish here."