MCC Reaching Higher

With almost 3,500 students, spring enrollment at Meridian Community College is near an all time high. School officials credit much of this increase to the school's "Tuition Guarantee" program.

Currently known to be the only one of its kind in the country, the program offers all graduating seniors in Lauderdale County free tuition at MCC as long as they maintain at least a "C" average.

"I would have had to work to go to school," said Phyllis Scott, a recipient of the Tuition Guarantee. "But I also might have had to go to another school. So, the Tuition Guarantee program has helped me a lot."

Not only is the program benefiting students financially, but according to school officials, it has also improved grades.

"We have gone and looked over the past five years at how many students have actually maintained that "C" average and our studies show that freshmen who received 'Tuition-Guarantee', 70 percent of them maintained the C average and 85 percent of the sophomores maintained the C average," said Kathy Brookshire. "So, that tells us it's working and they appreciate it."

With a price tag of more than $200,000 a year, MCC's Tuition Guarantee program is financed by donations from private businesses and individuals.

This year's campaign drive is set to end next week. School officials hope more donations will be forthcoming. For more information on donating, call 484-8612.