Bogus Threat Interrupts School Day

A bomb threat phoned in to Meridian police claimed there was a bomb at Kate Griffin Junior High School. It proved to be a hoax.

Students were evacuated around 8:45 a.m., but a thorough search by the Meridian Fire and Police Departments revealed nothing suspicious.

"We've always taken them seriously and especially in light of the fact that we have a number of things going on around the country," said Dr. Sam Thompson, director of public safety for the Meridian School District. "And our state superintendent has also placed the districts in the state on level orange. But we have always taken them seriously because we just cannot take anything for granted."

The penalty for making a threat is up to five years in prison. Arrests have been made in similar incidents in the past.

Anyone with information about this latest crime is asked to call the Meridian Schools Crimestoppers number at 484-4906.