Pickering on War

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Cong. Chip Pickering visited Meridian Friday, but not to make a speech or formally campaign.

Pickering and disabled veteran Wayne Blackwell hunted together at NAS Meridian.

The congressman took out a few minutes to talk to NewsCenter 11 about the war.

"It's amazing what the military has been able to accomplish in a very short period of time," said the congressman. "In one week they control all the oil fields, the port and they have been able to achieve many of their objectives and they're closing the noose in and around Baghdad and around Saddam Hussein."

Pickering said Congress would supply the additional money requested by the president for the war effort.

"Both the house and the senate in the coming week will supply $74 billion to support Operation Iraqi Freedom so we will provide the funds necessary for our men and women who are in the field fighting bravely and courageously with great sacrifice," Pickering said. "We'll make sure the resources that we need."

The Mississippi congressmen took issue with war protestors.

"Now is not the time. There's a time to debate and protest before action is taken but once our men and women are engaged in battle it is time for everybody to rally and support until their mission is complete and support them morally with prayers," Pickering said. "We in Congress have to support them with the resources and the financial support but we need to come together as a country to let our people who are serving in our military know that this country is behind them."

As for the turkey hunting, Pickering called it an exciting experience.
Blackwell has been in a wheelchair for 14 years, as a result of a deer hunting accident. Thanks to a mechanized tree stand, he was able to shoot his first turkey today.

"And what this is for is for the disabled community to come out and use as a hunting vehicle or a recreational vehicle," said Blackwell. "You always have people who would always like to use a camera instead of a gun to take pictures of the wildlife that's bountiful here on the base."

The hunt was in a forested area of Meridian Naval Air Station.