Musgrove/ Economic Development

In a special called press conference Tuesday, Gov. Ronnie Musgrove announced an economic development agreement between Mississippi and Alabama. The agreement calls for the creation of an industrial supersite to attract more economic development projects to East Mississippi and West Alabama.

As part of the agreement, Gov. Musgrove says Mississippi and Alabama can share resources and expenses to market the region worldwide.

"You won't go anywhere else in the country and find this kind of potential and attraction to business and industry. That has a tremendous amount of positives to it," Musgrove said.

In coming weeks Gov. Musgrove says he plans to meet with Alabama Gov. Bob Riley to work out final details. He says in order to make the initiative effective, Alabama lawmakers also need to pass a measure permitting local governments to work together across state lines, as part of the effort.

Although Gov. Musgrove says it's too early to reveal a possible location for the industrial supersite, he did tell us that the parties involved are open to "ALL" options concerning what industry will occupy the space. If all goes well, marketing of the industrial supersite will begin within the next few weeks.

"The potential of a large supersite in this area enhances our location advantage for current suppliers. Meanwhile, it also sets the stage hopefully for an assembly plant in the future," said East Mississippi Business Development Corporation Chairman Tommy Dulaney.

"We put the agreement together. We put the compact together. We put the alliance together and then we work together. With this, all the sudden when you've attracted one company, you attract suppliers and you attract another company. We literally could be talking about thousands of quality jobs for East Central Mississippi and West Alabama and that is why this is good!" said Musgrove.