Mosquito Battle Brewing

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It may be only the first week of April, but Lauderdale County's engineer Neal Carson said preparations are being made for the annual effort to combat the threat of mosquitoes.

"We are right now getting together our personnel, our equipment, getting checked out," said Carson. "You remember last year we bought two brand new sprayers. The garage department is checking them out, doing all the maintenance on them. We plan to start around April 21 with a vigorous spraying program county-wide."

To kill the little mosquito will cost big dollars.

"The budget's going to be right at $100,000 this year, which will carry us through the end of September and then we'll have to make a decision whether we go into October," said Carson.

The plans for where and when have already been drawn.

"We concentrate on, of course, groups like baseball games, outdoor activities," said the engineer. "Then we section the county off and we spray a section of the county each night and when we finish that we recycle back through again."

"We do respond to people who have problems and we try to accommodate them, to either spray or go out and see what may be causing the mosquito problems and eliminate it from that standpoint," Carson said.

Other methods being considered include a pill which is put into standing water and which kills the mosquito larvae.