Tie a Yellow Ribbon

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As the fighting intensifies overseas, support for the troops is swelling at home. Yellow ribbons dot the landscape these days and they are symbols of pride for our servicemen and women, and a hope that they will return home safely.

That's why Julie Boswell of Jan's Hallmark at Bonita Lakes Mall is giving ribbons away to anyone that wants them.

"I think it makes a difference in letting strangers know, people we wouldn't normally talk to," said Boswell. "Just to let them know that hey, I'm praying for you."

People began using yellow ribbons to show support in the 1960s after the release of Tony Orlando's song 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree.'

Since then families and friends of the military have displayed ribbons to show that they are hoping and praying for the safety of the troops.

"It's our nation, to support our leaders, our families," Boswell said.

Yellow ribbons tied around polls or trees are popular ways to show support, but one local business is showing their support through the front windows.

"It's a nation of a lot of individuals who make up a community, who make up the greatest country on earth," said Bob Bethea of Meridian Automotive, "so anything you do to change one individual's attitude about America, changes all of America."

This display is about pride, as are all the signs, ribbons, and flags across the nation. It sends a message of support back to the battle half a world away.