Mission: Meridian

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The Mayor's First Annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast in Meridian featured Mission Meridian, an outgrowth of Missission Mississippi.

The purpose of the breakfast is to encourage and demonstrate unity in the body of Christ across racial and denominational lines.

After the breakfast, Mission Mississippi founder Lee Paris expressed the importance of prayer for the success of the mission.

"The key to the success of the body of the lord coming together is prayer," said Paris. "There have been racial reconciliation efforts all across the country and all across the world and people that are different generally don't get together. But, the power of prayer is stronger than any differences that we have denominationally or racially. And I just encourage folks in meridian to stay on their knees and pray for this and that god's people will come together great things can happen."

Others attending shared their feelings on Missission Meridian.

"If you believe the same, you should operate in the same mindset," said Marvis Killingsworth. "I believe this is a first step to a great opportunity here."

"We are learning to know each other and love each other and this is the way god wants us to be," said Jack Giles. "It will work, and it's working."