Clarke County Flooding Update

From areas that have become like sandy beaches to inside furniture now outside, for many residents in Stonewall these days things are far from normal. Throughout the town, cleanup from this week's flooding continues.

For the past two days Minnie Hamburg has been moving literally everything from the lower level of her home.

"This is a hard work! I've been moving things since about 6 o'clock yesterday," said Hamburg.

Meanwhile, there are others houses on River Road, which received mostly outside damage. For many homeowners who live near the Chickasawhay River, plants, shrubbery, grass and even pastures were left covered with piles of wet sand.

Because of damage such as: the sand, several broken fences and a damaged porch, one homeowner on River Road has decided to sale his home and move to a much higher elevation.

Meanwhile, about 20 miles south of Stonewall in Shubuta, county officials say early indications show that the damage will likely not be as severe.

"We were really dreading Shubuta because we had such a large area to cover and so many people. Also in the past, Shubuta's been the worst flood area in the county. That's why we were making preparations in Shubuta because we would've had our hands full if it had risen here as fast as it did in Enterprise," said Investigator J.G. Kufel with the Clarke County Sheriff's Department.

According to forecasters, floodwaters in Shubuta will begin to recede overnight and move into Wayne County.

The Red Cross has set up a shelter for flood evacuees at the Shubuta Volunteer Fire Department