Drive-By Shooting

"OK, here's a bullet hole. Come on down and there's another one, and another one and another one," said Adrian Ickom.

Adrian Ickom is talking about bullet holes in her home. Sunday night around 8 o'clock the house was the scene of a drive-by shooting.

In all, we counted more than 20 bullet holes left in the house. This includes bullet holes in the bedroom and on the back wall of the home. However, it does not include many other bullet holes found in a house next door and several cars in the yard.

According to witnesses a strange car slowed down about 100 yards from the yards. They say the headlights were then turned off and that's when the shooting began and did not end until about another 100 yards down the road on the other side of the house.

Injured in the shooting was 19-year-old Marquita Wilson, who we're told was sitting in this chair preparing bills. The first year East Central Community College student suffered severe injuries to her leg. She's still be treated at a Jackson hospital.

Family members say the shooting was the result of gang activity. They say several gang members had threatened Marquita's cousin, 17-year-old Harold Jones, who lives in a trailer behind the house. They say the threat came after Harold was involved in a fight with one of the gang member's relatives.

Meanwhile, with gang members threatening another attack, residents in the area say they are afraid!

"We can't even sleep! I have to carry my younger kids to their grandmothers to spend the night. We're scared!" said Harold's father, Willie Charles Wilson.

Although investigators have yet to recover the weapon, they say it appears to have been a high-powered assault rifle. Since the incident several arrests have been made.

"We have three people in custody. We're looking for one other person. We hope to find him in a short amount of time," said Sheriff William Richardson.

Arrested in the case is 18-year-old Cedric Patrick, 17-year-old David Williams and 17-year-old Lavontae Evans. All live in the Hillsboro community just north of Forest.

Meanwhile until the final suspect is caught, residents in the area say they will not be at ease!

"I don't have anywhere to go," said Wilson. "It's unfair if you have to run from your house!"