Council Denies Zone Change

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In 2001, developer Jack Joyner asked the city of Meridian to rezone to commercial a strip of land he owned on the East side of Highway 39 near the entrance to Country Squire Estates.

The planning commission voted seven to one against the plan. Joyner appealed to the city council. After many postponements the council heard the case Tuesday night.

Attorney Ronnie Walton, representing the city, explained the requirements for the council to approve Joyner's request.

"As the applicant, he has the burden of proving to you by clear and convincing evidence, which is a very strong burden, that either the character of the neighborhood has changed since the date of his last request and too that there is a public need for this rezoning," Walton said.

After a debate lasting over an hour, the council voted 5-0 to uphold the planning commission's decision and reject Joyner's appeal.

Also on the agenda Tuesday was James McRae, who informed council members he had purchased the now closed Soule Steam Feed Works building and the belt driven equipment it contained. he plans to create an industrial museum at the site.

McRae showed pictures of equipment and the company's products during its 109-year period of operation. He said it would be a tourism attraction for the city.