Children First: Perfect Penmanship

Resham Rahat is a typical nine-year-old. However, one thing different about this Lamar Elementary student is her extraordinary penmanship.

Recently in a contest sponsored by Zaer-Bloser Publishers, Resham was named the 4th grade student with the best handwriting in the state.

So, what's her secret?

"I always try to let my handwriting make sense, not sloppy!" said Resham.

"She's very meticulous," said Rashem's handwriting teacher Rhonda Peek. "She always makes it look her best."

"Like I said I just try to be neat. Anyone can do it if they will just hold their pencil correctly, slant the paper and take it slowly," Resham said.

O.K. perhaps slowing down is key, but we asked Resham how important is practice?

"Believe it or not she doesn't practice much at home," said Resham's mother Fareha. "So, it's credited to the school I guess. I can't take the credit!"

Although Resham admits that she does not practice at home, she says she does indeed practice at school and that practice is the key. After all, like the old saying goes, 'practice makes perfect!'