Drive-By Shooting Update

For 19-year-old Marquita Wilson recovery from a leg injury sustained recently in a drive-by shooting could be long and hard.

"They really messed me up for a long time because they blew my calf off in the back," said Wilson.

According to doctors it will likely take at least a year before this first year East Central Community College students is able to fully walk again.

Sunday night around 8:30 p.m. Wilson was shot after a group of guys from outside Forest allegedly shot into her house with a high-powered rifle. We're told that the suspects -- who are allegedly in a gang-- were targeting Wilson's 17-year-old cousin, Harold, who lived next door. Family members say the shooting occurred after Harold was involved in a fight with one of the gang member’s relatives.

Arrested in the case was 17-year-old David Williams, 17-year-old Laontae Evans, 18-year-old Cedric Patrick and 22-year-old Kenneth McCurdy. All except for McCurdy have been released from jail on bond.

Because Marquita needs around the clock care, her mother has had to take an extended medical leave of absence from her job. Although things are calmer now, family members say they are still worried because they're afraid that the feud has not yet ended.

"The three that are out or whatever, are still talking about coming back, saying that the job was not done!" said Marquita's mother Tammy. "Also, they're saying that they might get some more people from Jackson that can do the job right!"

"We keep reporting this to the officers and they say that's a rumor. Well, the first time they announced they were coming....they came," said Harold's father Willie.

"We're keeping a watch out for what might happen," said Scott County Sheriff William Richardson. "We hope this is over, but you don't ever know with cases like this."

With no other arrests expected in the case at this time, investigators say they hope to present the case to a grand jury in June. However, they say the case might have to be presented in October.

Meanwhile, for Marquita and her family they say 'The sooner....the better!'