Healthwatch: Glaucoma Danger

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Glaucoma can sneak up on you and rob you blind. It plagued Vesta McDermott's left eye for years, but she found out abruptly one day.

"When I put my contact lenses in and I closed my right eye and went to look through my left eye, it was so horribly distorted. All of a sudden I knew something radically wrong had happened," said Vesta McDermott.

The most dreadful thing about glaucoma is that there are no signs.

Glaucoma happens when the eyes drainage systems gets clogged. Fluid build-up eventually damages the optic nerve.

A few years back, McDermott underwent surgery to repair her eye's drainage area, but it didn't last. Eye drops weren't working either. But now she's found something that's keeping her eye pressure in check.

Selective Laser Trabeculopasty, or STL, employs a cold laser, which only targets specific cells in the meshwork of the eye.

The five-minute procedure even allows patients to drive themselves home afterward.