Gov. Vetoes Raise Bill

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Gov. Ronnie Musgrove vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have given the state Personnel Board supervision over all Department of Education pay raises.

Musgrove called the bill an attempt to micromanage public education.

It was written after some lawmakers complained that a few education executives had received tens of thousands of dollars in raises in recent months while most state workers received raises as low as $600.

Some lawmakers had also complained because the state Board of Education approved raises for two top-level Department of Education officials.

A few legislators had also complained about raises given by the College Board, the Board for Community and Junior Colleges and the Mississippi Development Authority.

During the legislative session, however, officials from the two boards and Mississippi Development Authority persuaded lawmakers not to give the Personnel Board control over their executives' salaries.

The bill Musgrove vetoed would have required the two boards and MDA to submit pay raise proposals for their employees to the Personnel Board for the review.