Finding What Works

The Meridian Public School Board met in a special work session Wednesday at Timberview Lodge in Porterville. Its mission was to evaluate recommendations from two work groups established earlier this year to evaluate the system.

The first group, known as "New Expectations", was made up of several community leaders. Its findings, which were released last week, basically recommended more cooperation between the school district and the community.

The second group, known as "What Works", was made up of a dozen top teachers and principals from the district. Its mission was to evaluate programs within the district for effectiveness.

Of the 20 programs evaluated, the group recommended that the Carbo-Reading Styles, Pre-K, Extended Day and GED programs be expanded.

In terms of programs that need some fine-tuning but have promise,
the committee listed:

  • Fine arts
  • Tech Prep
  • Character education
  • Professional development programs

Finally, the group recommended more intense restructuring or continuing evaluation for the alternative school, the Success for All program, and another program known as Parents as Teachers.

From these recommendations, board members say they will come up with a mission statement and then begin the search for a new superintendent.

"Part of the challenge is that we all say we want an outstanding superintendent but for different reasons. This is why this is kind of the bedrock for jumping off the search," said Wile.

Board members say they plan to have a mission statement ready to present to public within the next few weeks. At that time the official search for a new superintendent will begin.