Morgan Tapped for Honor

blue ribbon... like you win at the fair
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Businessman Ralph Morgan was tapped for the prestigious Hartley Peavey Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the 2003 Main Event Business and Industry Expo. Mary Peavey, president of Peavey Electronics, made the announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce a very good neighbor to Meridian and Lauderdale County and our 2003 Hartley Peavey Award recipient, Mr. Ralph Morgan," said Peavey.

Morgan said he was humbled and grateful for the recognition.

"I want to thank the good Lord for being so good to me all my life and all the wonderful friends I have," said Morgan. "I'd rather have friends than all the money in the world."

Morgan talked about his boyhood, of starting to work when he was 14, and of his rodeo business and how it began. He himself was a cowboy and won prizes at steer wrestling before he became a promoter.

"Always do the right thing, always tell the truth and always tell the whole story. Don't just tell part of the story," Morgan said. "No man living has worked harder than I have and I still work hard today and I don't ever tell anybody no when they ask me to do something. If there's one thing I can't stand to do is to tell somebody something and not do it."

Morgan said winning the Peavey award is the highest honor he has ever received.