Lauderdale Co. Flooding


Roadways like rivers and lawns like lakes, once again was the scene Friday as overnight flooding wreaked havoc in parts Lauderdale County.

According to emergency responders, most of the damage occurred in the central and northeastern part of the county. Around 11:00 a.m. a family on Fred Clayton Road near Marion was rescued by emergency responders.

Neither churches nor business were skipped when it came to flooding. A family business off of Cotton Gin Road received extensive damage.

"About three inches of water and mud and leaves. The trashcans were floating around. Boxes were floating around and everything," said Lacey Honeycutter.

Aside from flooding merely covering roadways, it's also causing some structural problems. For instance, one portion of Cotton Gin Road was closed after rising water from nearby creek caused the banks to start eroding and this bridge to buckle.

Preliminary damage reports show that more than 60 roads in Meridian and Lauderdale County were flooded. Five homes in Lauderdale County received major damage, two mobile homes were destroyed and at least 17 other homes received minor damage.

"We had several homes that got water in them this week that didn't get it two weeks ago. Of course, this is not in a flood plain. In fact we had a woman who just bought a house and moved into it last Friday and had water almost two feet into her house," said Clarence Butler, director Lauderdale County Emergency Management.

Within the next five to 10 days, Butler says federal emergency responders will likely be in the area, offering assistance to flood victims.