Ag Center Drips

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The roof of the Lauderdale County Agricultural Center is made of sheets of metal, held down by screws. Some people say that's not the way it should have been done.

NewsCenter 11 talked to Rob Seal, the manager of the building.

"It's been leaking ever since I was here," said Seal. "We've taken measures through B.B. Archer and through Chris Albritton, general contractor, to fix these leaks. Once we find a leak we pinpoint it and mark it. B.B. will contact Chris and he will come in and take care of the leak."

B.B. Archer was the architect. He was out of town Friday when Newscenter 11 tried to reach him. Seal said the majority of the water comes in through the louvers but concedes there are problems with the screws holding the roof together.

"We've replaced over 3,000 screws in this building since it was erected due to the building moving," said Seal. "This building will move in excess of six to eight inches when a heavy wind comes in so obviously you're going to get some screws that do work themselves up."

District 1 supervisor Hank Florey was a member of the committee in charge of building the facility.

"I don't remember any options, but of course, we went by what the architect said and what he specified and that's what we built," said Florey.

Asked why the roof was built without insulation, Florey said the only factor considered was cost.

"You know, we've got a budget coming up toward the end of the year but I don't think this is serious enough to consider at this point in time. I really don't," Florey said.

Renters can only hope it doesn't rain on the day of their event.