Road Conditions

Road Closed

Rick Honeycutt says he's fed up!

"Frustrated is putting it mildly!" Honeycutt said.

The bridge located a few yards from his house on Cotton Gin Road was severely damaged in last week's flooding. Despite several signs stating that the road is now closed, Honeycutt says motorists have been ignoring the county's warning. So, next to them he's hung his own sign.

"I didn't know what else to do. The signs say 'No Thru Fair.' I just made it a little more plain, ‘Road Closed Stupid!’” said Honeycutt.

All weekend Honeycutt says people bypassed the barricades and stopped at his home to ask what to do. Once they realized they could not cross the bridge.

While on the scene we saw one motorist bypass the barriers. Honeycutt’s says the problem has gotten so bad that he now parks his truck in his driveway to stop other motorists from turning around his yard.

Although this bridge on Cotton Gin Road is a concern, county officials say this is just the tip of the iceberg. They say last week's flooding damaged at least 60 roads. This, combined with previous flooding amounts to almost half-million dollars in needed road repairs.

"All of those areas we fixed two weeks ago in the first flood have received damage again. So, we have to go back and repair those," said Lauderdale County Engineer Neal Carson.

With assistance from federal funds, Carson says it will take a few months before all of the roads are repaired. As for Cotton Gin Road, he says a new bridge should be in place by June.

Meanwhile with work underway, he's advising motorists to drive with caution.

"You know if you see a barricade that says 'Bridge Out,' it's out! Don't cross it. You could lose your life doing it," said Carson.