Peavey Redirects Charity

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Hartley Peavey says the withdrawal of his company's funding for the Peavey House is because of changes at the children's shelter.

"It's all part of the Hope Village for Children and I saw no reason to stand in their way if they wanted to incorporate in that," said Peavey. "So we basically reallocated our resources to other areas like the Wesley House. We give away bicycles, and stuffed toys and other things probably too lengthy to mention here. It's important to note that the Peavey House as such no longer exists. It's part of the Hope for Children, that whole thing."

Peavey emphasized this does not mean he is withdrawing his company's support of worthy causes.

"No, we're involved in it all the time and have been for many, many years," said Peavey. "We started the Peavey House. It grew and now it's part of a greater whole."

"I've lived here all my life and, frankly, we think we've brought lots of people in here and we've done lots of good for the community, probably as much as any other private industry in town as far as I can tell," Peavey said.

Peavey may be bringing in more jobs. He told NewsCenter 11, in an effort to cut shipping costs, he will move Peavey Electronics' jobs from New Jersey to Meridian.

"We're going to bring quite a bit of the manufacturing we've been doing in the New Jersey area, which quite obviously is a high rent district, we're going to bring that to Meridian so hopefully that will be more jobs for Meridian," said the founder of the company.

Peavey said the jobs would probably be phased in over the next six months.