Economic Development

Located in the heart of DeKalb, in a few months the block including the old Sunflower building will be transformed.

Mike McGrevey is executive director for the Kemper County Economic Development Authority. He says officials with God Cares Ministry have announced plans to build a church on the corner. As for the old Sunflower building, he says the development authority will turn the building into a senior citizens center.

McGrevey says the money to fix up the center will come from $300,000 the county is receiving for the construction of the new Tennessee Valley Authority power plant.

He says $50,000 of that money will be used for the senior citizens center, another $50,000 will be used to help build a new baseball park and the other $200,000 will be used to establish the Kemper Endowment fund for education.

Meanwhile as the unemployment rate continues to drop McGrevey says things are looking up for Kemper County.

Within the last three years, three companies that all initially hired at least 30 people, have located in the county's incubator. With one vacant building in the area, economic development officials say the big problem now is not necessarily attracting companies, but instead where to put them.

"Our incubator has 50 square feet. We are full! What we're trying to do now is find someplace to put the people who want to grow in Kemper County," says McGrevey.

With the new pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pharma Pac, set to open in a few weeks and Pro Derma cosmetics planning to expand, McGrevey says economic in Kemper County is on track.