Economic Rebound?


At the highest point this year, gas prices in Meridian peaked at more than $1.60 a gallon for regular unleaded. That's now dropped to $1.39 at some stations.

With rising unemployment rates in many areas, consumer confidence lagged. However, numbers for April show a two point rise in consumer confidence.

So, what does this mean for the nation's sluggish economy?

"My crystal ball is cloudy, but I think we may have turned the corner,"
said Fred Porter of Edward Jones Investments.

Although the stock market is up 1,000 points from its lowest point this year, Porter says consumers should be cautiously optimistic.

Porter says when it comes to investing, you should always stay in for the long haul.

"You should be a long term investor, not a short term trader," Porter said. "If you pull your money out at the very bottom, with interest rates like they are now, you'll never catch back up if you put your money back in."

"We've been in a bear market, but you've got to stay the course because historically the biggest gains are in the early stages of a bull market," Porter added. "And if you're on the sidelines trying to time when to get in and out you're going to miss it."