Myers Named to Board

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Mayor John Robert Smith nominated, and the city council confirmed by a 4 to 1vote, George Myers to the local school board.

Myers is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. He was a naval aviator for five years and later employed by Delco Remy as its Human Resources Director from 1964 until 1997.

Myers replaces Ann Stewart who served ten years on the board.

"This is a man who has been committed to and involved in Meridian, especially educational matters," said Mayor John Robert Smith. "He also brings us a perspective of what industry needs in education because George has been with General Motors and Delco Remy all of his adult life. So he knows the skills that industrialists are looking for and, of course, that's where we're pinning a lot of our hopes for manufacturing jobs is in the automotive growth industry. George knows what they need from our students."

Ward 5 Councilman Bobby Smith voted no.

"He's a super guy, but I cannot support this because I feel like anybody on the school board should have someone, their kids, in that school," said Smith. "I think someone should be more dedicated, know what's going on daily in that school by doing that, if you've got kids in there you know what's going on."

Ward 1 councilman George Thomas quickly came to Myers' defense.

"He served on the Math First committee. He serves us on one of the committees that's working with the public school now," said Dr. Thomas. "He's had two children go through the public schools here. It's come to the point where the school board needs an appointment and I think George will do a great job."

Myers' term will run through March of 2008.