Death Penalty Cases Appealed

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The Mississippi Supreme Court will hear several cases this week, including appeals from two condemned inmates seeking a review of their death sentences.

The appeals are among about two-dozen the justices will decide using written briefs submitted by attorneys rather than hearing oral arguments.

Convicted murderer Bobby Glen Wilcher is back before the Supreme Court on two post-conviction petitions. He was convicted for the 1982 killings of two Scott County women he picked up in a bar.

Inmates use post-conviction petitions to try to convince a judge that new evidence has surfaced in their case that warrants a new trial.

Wilcher was tried separately for the murders of Velma Odell Noblin and Katie Belle Moore. He was convicted of both and received two death sentences.

According to evidence presented at trial, Wilcher met the women at a nightclub and persuaded them to drive him home, diverted them down a deserted road where he robbed and repeatedly stabbed them.

Wilcher was convicted in 1984 in separate trials in Scott County and received two death sentences. In 1993, new sentencing trials were ordered. Wilcher was resentenced to death in 1994 in both cases.

In the other case, Henry Curtis Jackson, Jr., is appealing his 1991 conviction in the Greenwood stabbing deaths of two nephews and two nieces. Jackson has claimed he does not remember stabbing to death the four relatives ranging in age from two years to five years at his mother's home near Greenwood in 1990.