Gang Series: Part 1

It's been almost four weeks since 19-year-old Marquita Wilson received a severe leg injury in a drive-by shooting at her home in Lake.

"They really messed me up for a long time because they my calf off in the back," she says.

According to family members the accused gunmen were in a gang and were targeting Marquita's cousin Harold because of a previous argument he had with one of their relatives. Although initially after being released from jail, Wilson's family says they were receiving threats of another drive-by, they say the threats have now stopped. Meanwhile as for Marquita, the pain continues.

At first, doctors said it could be a year before the first year East Central Community College student could fully walk again. However, she tells us that she is now able to put a little pressure on the leg and is set to undergo reconstructive surgery next week.

With required therapy 3 times a week and around the clock care needed, Marquita's question now is why?

"I don't know them. I'm not in a gang or nothing...."

Although Marquita does not know the answer, perhaps one man we talked to does.

William Perry McClendon is the former head of the 'Gangsta Disciples,' in Meridian.

"I was the highest thing in the city. Basically, what I did was called the shots."

McClendon says in a gang or any organization endorsing violence, members always feel they have to prove a point.

"And they're going to prove that point either they proof the point to the boys or the organization. So, people will feel these guys are not to be messed with because they're going to handle their business. Once you have that image you're going to keep it by any means necessary. If you have to kill the little baby or grandmother in a wheelchair, that's the way it is."

Thursday night we'll talk more with McClendon about what his life was like before, during and after the 'Gangsta Disciples.'