Guardsmen Return Home

Five of six members of the 238th Air Support Operations Squadron who deployed from Key Field Air National Guard Base to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, on Feb. 20 returned home to Meridian Wednesday. The sixth team member is still deployed overseas at this time and is expected home in the near future.

The unit was attached to the 101st Army Airborne Division and further deployed as part of the ground force involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The men were originally scheduled to return Tuesday, but stormy weather in the Atlanta area caused their flight to be cancelled.

The mission of the 238 ASOS is to provide liaison and expertise to Army
Combat Units on aerospace force applications. The units mission focuses on Close Air Support, interdiction, and force enhancing missions, including surveillance and reconnaissance, airlift, electronic warfare, and special operations.

In addition, four members of the 248th Air Traffic Control Squadron, also located at Key Field, returned home late Tuesday night. Two of the members arrived at Key Field Air National Guard Base aboard an Air Force C-5 aircraft after having served the last six weeks at overseas location. The two additional unit members arrived at Jackson International Airport around 9 p.m. Tuesday, after having served overseas since their departure from Key Field on Dec. 28, 2002.

The mission of the 248th Air Traffic Control Squadron is to provide air traffic controllers and radar maintainers for Air Operations.