Threatt Looks Ahead

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The court case of Meridian against the town of Marion over sewer rates resulted in a win and a loss for each. Marion was ordered to increase the money it paid to Meridian for sewer service, but was not required to pay additional back fees.

That decision also caused Marion to double sewer charges to its citizens. Mayor Malcom Threatt admits residents have reacted.

"Some of them recognize that we're just caught and we have to do it. And others, of course, are fussing about it," said Threatt.

Leaders are still exploring the possibility of building a sewer plant to serve Marion's needs. Threatt has pushed to have Highway 45 four-laned through the town, but so far, with no results.

"We've had little support from the board of supervisors or the city of Meridian," Threatt said. "As you know, two miles of this road is in the Town of Marion and about a mile and a half in the city of Meridian and the rest of it is in the county."

The mayor said four-laning the road could lead to more commercial growth, but he agrees another prime need is a supermarket for the town.

"If we had a Winn Dixie or one of the other major chain grocery stores come out here, we could persuade Sam's to put a Sam's store out here," said Threatt. "You know, that would really put us on the map, give us enough sales tax diversion that we could do a lot of things on our own that we depend on the county to do for us."

Lauderdale County currently maintains Marion's streets. Threatt, who is 77, has two more years on his term. He has not decided whether to run again but says he has faith in the town's future.