Quilters Share Downhome Art

The Magnolia Quilters brought a touch of down-home art to the Mississippi welcome center at Toomsuba.

Members of the group not only displayed their quilts, but also demonstrated how it's done for visitors.

"It's a hobby that we all love and we've made a lot of friends through quilting," said Sandra Plummer of Magnolia Quilters. "Most of us are members of the Mississippi Quilting Association, that's statewide. There are over 300 members."

There will also be special events at the welcome center Wednesday, may 13, in observance of national tourism week.

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So You Want to Make a Quilt?

Here are some of the required tools that you should have before undertaking this task:

  • Sewing machine

  • Iron

  • Universal sewing needles - size 12

  • Rotary cutter &spare blades - 45mm

  • Self-healing cutting mat - 16" x 24"

  • Sewing pins - glass heads

  • Safety pins - 1" non rusting

There are many kinds of Quilting Blocks, and they all make beautiful quilts!

  • A Dandy
  • A Scrap Patch
  • Arkansas Cross Roads
  • Arrow Crown
  • Bear's Den
  • Bridal Patch
  • Butterfly
  • Crossed Canoes
  • Double Pyramid
  • Dutchman's Puzzle
  • Empire Star
  • Flying Shuttles
  • Grandmother’s Quilt
  • Heart
  • Irish Chain
  • Joy Bells
  • Kansas Star
  • Linoleum
  • Maple Leaf
  • Ohio Star
  • Patience Corners
  • Road to California
  • Rolling Stone
  • See Saw
  • Swing in the Center
  • Texas Treasure
  • True Blue
  • Wedding Bouquet

Once you have made, or purchased your new treasure, here are some tips to keep your quilt looking its best:

  • Avoid displaying your quilt in a room with poor ventilation, high humidity, or other temperature extremes.

  • Chose a method of display that distributes the weight of the quilt over the entire quilt such as an unused bed.

  • To clean your quilt, start by lightly vacuuming your quilt on low power using a brush attachment through a screen.

  • If you quilt is just smelly, try airing it by draping it over a railing (on a sheet or large towel) on a breezy day.

  • If you plan to store your quilt for more than six months, lay it out fully on a white cotton sheet. Lay the same type of sheet on top and fold the quilt in an accordion pleated fashion.

  • Do not store your quilt in a plastic bag, cardboard boxes or wooden trunks.

Source: http://ttsw.com/MainQuiltingPage.html (The World Wide Quilting Page Web site)