Scientific Minds

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The projects put together by six students at West Lauderdale High School range from chemical reactions to the behavior of microorganisms. All will compete at the International Science Fair in Cleveland, Ohio, the week of May 12.

Their teacher, Faye Kinard said she is very proud.

"Many of these students I've taught for two or three years. They're exceptional students and two of them are at the top of their class," said Kinard.

Tyler Skelton, Lauren Goodman, and Courtney Godwin make up a team that studied chemical reactions and interactions in the environment. They found that when some different chemicals get mixed together, the effects on plant life could be devastating.

"We spent a lot of time in the lab just seeing how lethal they are to plants and water weeds," said Skelton, a senior.

This is Crystal Moore's second trip to the big fair. She said it's a great learning experience.

"You get the chance to interact with so many different people from over 150 different countries, you view other projects and take part in science and engineering forums," Moore said.

Bridget Confait is going for the first time with her project about second hand smoke's effects on children. She said she wants to make an impact.

"I just want people to be informed about what's really out there,” said Confait, "and that cigarette smoke really does affect you."

In all, Madalyn Ivy puts it well when she says the trip is something they're really excited about.

"I know there's going to be a lot of intelligent people there and a lot of intelligent projects and I'm excited to see what other people's work has come to," Ivy said.

The international fair starts Monday in Cleveland, Ohio. These students hope to bring the big prize back to West Lauderdale.