Cemetery Dispute

Henry Hall says he's fed up!

"I am up to my neck because I feel they have neglected the dead and whatsoever."

He's talking about Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery located just outside Meridian. Last year his mother died and was buried there. Since that time he claims that not only his mother's grave, but also others have been neglected.

"Holes are all in the side of the graves and that stuff there."

Although Hall admits that graves on higher elevations of the cemetery look fine, he says those near his mother's are positioned at the bottom of a slope where they encounter a great deal of water.

With this causing problem, Hall claims that for the past year he's expressing concerns with cemetery officials about what he calls poor upkeep.

According to Mr. Hall, previously his mother's grave and headstone was covered with dirt that had not been removed since the burial. Over the weekend when he came out to remove the dirt he found what he called a surprise: the surface vault which he says is supposed to be parallel to the headstone had sunk several inches into the ground. However, cemetery caretakers say there's a good reason why this is underground.

"It was not caused by the weather, mother nature or the cemetery. If the son came out here and started digging into his mother's grave somebody needs to get him some help," said cemetery manager Angela Young.

To help stop the water problem at the back of the property, Young says she recently installed a new drainage system in the cemetery.

"This cemetery has not been neglected in any area," says Young. "This was the first Mother's Day that we did not have any complaints except this one."

Meanwhile, as for Hall, he says he's looking to the future.

"I want justice! I will sue if I have to. I don't see no other way!"