Hilliard-Davis Race Draws National Attention

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A congressional race in Alabama is getting a lot of attention and fundraising from the north.

The district at stake includes West Alabama. Congressman Earl Hilliard is an incumbent who has won re-election easily in the past.

But Hilliard has been pushed into a run-off by political newcomer Artur Davis, a Harvard-educated lawyer and a native of Alabama.

The Middle East has become an issue in the campaign.

"There's been a bipartisan consensus from President Bush to President Clinton on the Middle East and I think its Earl Hilliard who sits outside that bipartisan consensus. He has gotten money from Jews all over the country," said Rep. Hilliard.

Democrats say they are worried about the tensions this race has caused between the party's two most reliable voting groups, Jews and blacks.

Davis and Hilliard are on the run-off ballot June 25 in Alabama's seventh district.