Two Arrests in Bomb Threat

Two arrests have been made in a bomb threat hoax at Kate Griffin Junior High School in Meridian Monday.

Two 16-year-olds were charged by Meridian police with making a false report of placing explosives. Because they are juveniles, their identities cannot be revealed.

"We were able to get a subpoena and obtain electronic records and obtain information to where the phone call came from," said detective, Denise McMullen of the MPD's Juvenile Division. "From there, we went to the owner and were able to locate the suspects that have been charged."

McMullen said there have been numerous reports of bomb threats at several local schools just this year. She said some perpetrators have been charged with felonies, as adults.

Meridian Public Schools' director of safety, Dr. Sam Thompson, said the school district is also looking into ways it may discourage these type hoaxes, in addition to prosecuting in criminal court.