Pierce Farewell to Radio

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Mike Pierce, News Director of WMOX Radio and a 35 year veteran of broadcasting, is leaving the air because of ill health. He has inoperable lung cancer.

In his final broadcast Friday, Pierce was very frank with his audience.

"I was just going to go ahead and work and take four treatments of radiation a week and one of chemo and I said, you know, I'll just do that and I just won't mow the grass as often and I'll be all right," said Pierce. "And they said, you don't know what that's going to do to you. It didn't take but three days to make a believer out of me. So, being a patient's a full time job."

Pierce is 55 years old and has been worked for both Q101 and WMOX.

"It's something you get in your blood and it's just hard to keep people from doing it. I tried to get out of the business two or three times. I moved to Atlanta one time and went to the employment agency and they said what do you want to do and I said well, I'd like to manage a bank," he laughed. "I didn't know I couldn't just manage a bank. I was ready."

Pierce has worked at WMOX for ten years with fellow personality Eddie Smith.

"Mike's a good friend. He's like a member of the family," Smith said. "Somebody said something about ya'll really had it with the flood and all, getting flooded out, and now this. Hey, losing equipment in the flood, it's a piece of cake compared to this. We can replace that equipment."

Meridian radio will miss Mike Pierce.