Salute to the Military

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Students cheered and waved the stars and stripes as the guests of honor were escorted to the front of the school Friday morning.

Technical Sergeant Kevin McReynolds of the 186th Security Forces Squadron, his family and several students from Southeast Elementary who have family overseas right now, were given center stage.

And as Principal Joey Knight said, it shows the kids how important it is to support our military and have pride in our country.

"That's our job as a school. It's not just reading, math, language, art and social studies. We have to teach pride for our country, state, and community," said Knight.

Tech Sgt. McReynolds is the father of southeast second grader Kennedy McReynolds. So far, he's the only member of the school's nine military families to get to come home. He said it was tough leaving the others behind, but he's happy to be here.

"It was a long five month deployment, but I'm glad to be back with my family and friends," said McReynolds. "I really appreciate the school doing this for me."

He added that the outpouring of support from the community keeps morale up for the ones who are still in action.

Richard Bobby's mother, Stacey Bobby, is still deployed. "I want her to come home really really bad," said Richard.

Knight said the program had three messages to the students. One, to remember those who have given their lives for our country; two, to remember those who are still fighting for it; and three, to celebrate those who have fought and have now come home.