The USA in Pictures

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Photographer Marianne Todd has the task of presenting life in the Meridian area for a nationwide project called "America 24-7".

"I'll give you a great example of what America 24-7 is all about," said Marianne Todd as she snapped this reporter's picture. "You've been caught."

One thousand photographers were dispatched across the country to get a closer look into the American reality. And Todd is shooting east Mississippi.

"They asked me to shoot Dunn's Falls and they wanted to see Stuckey's Bridge, but mainly I tried to shoot the flavor of Meridian and capture who we are, what makes us, us," Todd said.

Todd has been taking pictures for about a week and says she's met a lot of nice people and seen some amazing things.

"I've watched the birth of a baby," said Todd. "That was something I'll never forget. People have been so generous letting me into their doors, into their lives, and letting me capture them, the real them."

The photos will be used to make fifty-three books. One for the nation, one for each state and one each for New York City and Washington, D.C.

"It's a great opportunity to showcase my work and it's a wonderful opportunity to show who we are," Todd said.

At least for one moment in time.