Kate Griffin Aiming High

Students at Kate Griffin junior high received awards for their achievement in a program at the school Tuesday.

"Kate Griffin students who have excelled in mathematics, music and athletics are being honored. We want the community to know there are a lot of positive things going on at Kate Griffin," said 8th Grade English teacher Shelia Walker. "We have students who have excelled in the science fair as well. Kate Griffin, as a matter of fact, took the regional science fair and we're proud of our students.

Walker said the program is a highlight of the 2003-2004 school year.

"Student achievement is important because we want them to know that we want them to be well-rounded students, not only academically or athletically, but we want them to be good citizens as well. And it's important to recognize our young people for their accomplishments. We have about 137 students who have excelled in math, English, science, social studies and all of the core academic classes and we're very, very proud of that," Walker said.

Congratulations also go out to Mr. and Miss Kate Griffin, Cortez Wilson and Alesha Horne. Both students have a perfect grade point average of 4.0.